Anna Priante

Department of Business Administration, NIKOS (research group for Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Management)
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


She obtained her PhD in Sociology at the same university with a dissertation on online social movement campaigns and micro-mobilization dynamics, such as identity and networks, that can explain the effectiveness of such campaigns.

Her research interests are at the intersection of sociology and computational social sciences. Anna studies forms of organization that are produced by technological innovation (e.g., social media and computer-mediated communication), and the intertwined online and offline dynamics of such organizational forms. In particular, she is interested in understanding how the structure of social and communication networks develop and affect online and offline individual opportunities and outcomes that are of collective impact for organizations, businesses and society at large.

Her research is multi-theoretically driven and combines traditional social science methods with computational techniques to analyze large datasets from social media, online platforms and communities in order to study new organizational forms in organizational and business contexts. In her work, Anna adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that links her sociological background with an interest in computational social science and computer science to understand how communication technologies and big data affect people, organizations and society at large.