The Networks Match Making Event 2020

Organizers: Frank den HollanderInes Lindner

Venue: Kaap Doorn

Over the past decade, multiple scientific disciplines have contributed to the understanding of how highly connected systems operate, with an increasing interest in synergies. Sociology and social sciences have provided insights about the structure of social entities as well as theories explaining patterns observed in these structures; from economics has come a perspective on how people’s behavior is shaped by incentives and by their expectations about the behavior of others; and from computer sciences and applied mathematics has come a toolbox and a framework for explaining complexity of systems that we design. This intriguing blend suggests the beginning of a new research area under the topic ‘networks’, with a focus on explaining phenomena in complex social, economic and technological systems.

Our aim is to bring together scientists from social and economic networks with network scientists from the field of mathematics and computer science.  This will give us the opportunity to discover valuable synergies. In particular, we ask social scientists to illustrate the typical mathematical model approach and mathematical challenges they face in their research. We encourage mathematicians to introduce their methods and structural insights to a non-expert audience and lead the discussion of how their tools can be applied to social sciences.   

We would like to stress that we especially welcome young scientists who consider the topic “networks” as a fruitful future scientific field.